The BHF’s Titanium awards – recognising excellence in Southern African healthcare

Johannesburg, 19 March 2015 - The Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF) is proud to announce the launch today of the Titanium awards, which aim to recognise and acknowledge excellence in the public and private healthcare sectors in southern Africa. The inaugural awards will be presented on 27 July at the 2015 annual BHF southern African conference in Cape Town.
“As a key player in the healthcare industry, the BHF is committed to promoting unity and providing platforms that set industry trends and standards. To this end, the Titanium awards have been made as inclusive as possible and will identify leading performers among medical schemes, administrators, managed healthcare organisations, hospital groups, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare practitioners and the industry at large. More importantly they will recognise and honour those delivering superior service to their customers and members,” says Zola Mtshiya, BHF Manager: Marketing, Branding and Communications.
By recognising service excellence and celebrating the success of both individual and business contributions to the healthcare industry in southern Africa, the awards will seek to achieve the following objectives:
• Improve the quality of health services.
• Create a platform that unites the healthcare industry.
• Demonstrate best practice.
• Recognise application of best practice in action – with an emphasis on initiatives that are well rounded, sustainable, holistic and responsible.

In addition to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique and Namibia are eligible to participate in the awards process –. Participants may enter any award category for which they are eligible. While the awards are not exclusively for BHF members, there is one category that will recognise a member’s support of BHF initiatives.

The 10 awards (divided into seven categories) are as follows:
Category 1:
1. Titanium Award for Service to Membership – Open Medical Scheme
2. Titanium Award for Service to Membership – Closed Medical Scheme
Category 2:
3. Titanium Award for Service Excellence – Managed Health Entities
4. Titanium Award for Service Excellence – Administrators
Category 3:
5. Titanium Award for Hospital Excellence – Public Sector
6. Titanium Award for Hospital Excellence – Private Sector
Category 4:
7. Titanium Award for Corporate Social Investment
Category 5:
8. Titanium Award for a Young Achiever
Category 6:
9. Titanium Lifetime Achievement Award
Category 7:
10. Titanium Award for BHF Support (open only to BHF members)

The BHF feels that the Titanium awards’ recognition of excellence will drive standards and service delivery, with benchmarks for exceptional performance leading to a more effective healthcare industry overall in southern Africa. They will also have positive spin-offs for participants and winners. “Participation will allow organisations to benchmark themselves against peers and competitors, as well as provide marketing and promotional opportunities further to the awards being publicised in the media,” observes Zola. “Winners, whether individuals or organisations, will enjoy additional marketing opportunities as they will be able to use the Titanium title and/or logo in their own advertising material for the duration of the winning year. Because the awards will be extensively publicised in industry print, online and social media, they will provide participants with the Titanium brand association along with greater recognition of their own brand and achievements,” she concludes.

For more information, including the application process and terms and conditions of participation, visit the BHF’s website or contact Zola Mtshiya on 011-537-0236.

Issued BY Zola Mtshiya, Manager: Marketing, Branding and Communications

For more information contact Zola Mtshiya, Manager: Marketing, Branding and Communications on 0829031856 or

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